Friends of Uno: Nick Maguire

Posted September 24, 2020

Get to know Nick, director of cool tings

Photo by Andre Cois

Welcome back to our Team Spotlight – where we have a chat with some of the creative and talented industry figures we are privileged to work alongside. 

Next up is Nick Maguire, a director/cinematographer who is responsible for cutting our website showreel. Nick is our go-to for capturing and editing event footage but he also works on numerous other projects including music videos for bands like Ball Park Music and The Jungle Giants, weddings, and even the odd advertisement.

Nick Maguire ‘aka’: 

  • Sucker for aesthetics
  • Aspiring disc jockey

Click on the thumbnails below to view some of Nick’s work for Uno Momento…

So, Nick…

What do you love about film/video?

It might sound cliché, but the thing I love most about filmmaking is how emotive it is. Video is such an incredible tool that above all-else makes us feel something. Excitement, motivation, empathy – different images move us in different ways and video tells those stories better than any other format.

Did you complete any internship or work experience? How did this help you choose your career path?

Not specifically, but I did start out by working for free on as many projects as I could. I saved up for a basic camera kit when I was studying and joined a few local filmmaking Facebook groups. Whenever an opportunity presented itself I put my hand up – Local gigs, Behind-The-Scenes, Events. This allowed me to grow into my craft and meet so many talented and like-minded people. Word of mouth was (and still is) the most powerful tool for my career and the paid jobs didn’t take long to come to surface.

Photo by Mitch Lowe

What does a day in the life of Nick look like?

I think what I love most about my job is that everyday is completely different. Sometimes I’ll be on set for a few days, others I’ll be editing, or sometimes just doing a little prep/admin. Being a sole trader gives me so much flexibility in my work/schedule and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

At one point in time I probably would’ve listed a bunch of Hollywood filmmakers but now I’d honestly just say my colleagues and other local directors/cinematographers! Apps like Instagram make it so easy to find and follow the work of local artists now, and the incredible diversity of talent that’s in front of me is endless. I constantly find myself going back to the stills or clips I’ve saved on Instagram in finding inspiration or motivation for new ideas.

What’s been the most challenging lesson you’ve learnt?

As obvious as it might seem, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. Always make at least two copies of all your footage – you never know when a drive might corrupt on you.

Photos by Andre Cois

What’s the best thing/highlights that’s happened to you?

I don’t think I could narrow it down to one highlight but a recent one was touring through the states last year with Last Dinosaurs. I’ve always loved collaborating with musicians and touring overseas as a photog/videog has always been a dream of mine – that was pretty special.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone looking to get into film and media?

I’ve got two.

This is pretty applicable to any industry, but don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed these days – with apps like Instagram and Facebook there’s SO much high-quality content out there. Sometimes it’s hard not to compare yourself, it might even feel like everyone’s better than you (I certainly have my moments) but that’s not true. It’s important to remember that everyone has to start somewhere, even the most successful filmmakers were once just kids making shitty skate videos and short films – so pick up the camera, film something. If you don’t like it, film it again, do something different. All experience is growth and learning which will develop your skills into the filmmaker you want to be.

The second one is to surround yourself with hardworking and motivated people. Whether it’s at film-school, getting experience on set or even making TikTok clips with mates, take note of the people who are go-getters. These are the individuals that you’ll want to collaborate with to build your portfolio and grow your career. The film industry is hugely based on word of mouth and making connections with the right people will always pay back.

What do you like about working with Uno Momento?

I’ve been working with Holly and Ness for the last 7 years – there’s a reason for that. First and foremost would be because of their communication and organisation. A well-organised shoot with a clear and open point of contact makes all the difference in the quality of my work. Uno Momento and their team know this and strive to assist me in any way they can to deliver the best possible product for clients. They’re also fun! Working with Holly and Ness is always exciting, I have so many lovely memories with them from over the years and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Check-out Nick’s recent project for Ball Park Music below

Photo by Dean Hanson