Friends of Uno: AO Communications

Posted October 21, 2020

Get to know Amelia, Brisbane’s PR maven

Welcome back to our Team Spotlight – where we have a chat with some of the passionate industry figures we work alongside. 

Next up, we have Amelia Oberhardt who is the mastermind behind our PR campaigns, mum of two gorgeous children and also the face you see every morning on The Today Show and Sunrise from the traffic chopper.

Amelia Oberhardt ‘aka’: 

  • PR Specialist
  • Lady in the chopper

Some of the campaigns Amelia has worked with us on

So, Amelia…

Let’s start from the beginning…

…started out at the Courier Mail in high school writing a column called “Tuned in” which only my grandpa and dad ever read. I reviewed TV shows and became an expert in things like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melrose place.

What PR concepts/trends are you loving right now? 

The influencer thing is new, I think people are moving away from traditional media which is interesting.

Did you complete any internship or work experience? How did this help you choose your career path?

After working at the Courier Mail and briefly being a promotions gal for GPO (lol), I started as an “all rounder” with Fairfax media at 4BC & 4BH- over my time there I worked in every department they had!

What does a day in the life of Amelia look like?

I should wake up at 3.45am but more often than not roll out of bed around 4 looking extremely dishevelled. I drive to Redcliffe airport where I try to fix my face and hair before jumping in the chopper at 6am and flying around Brisbane checking the roads and doing TV reports for Sunrise and the Today show for 2 and a bit hours. Once I land, I do some more radio reports then take off for the day around 9am. I usually schedule all PR meetings from 10 onwards and race around until school pick up at 3pm, I then try to entertain a 6 year old before collecting the 2 year old and cook some horrible food they never eat and leave them to play in the bath way longer than I should. I then cook another somewhat passable meal for my husband and head to bed to watch some trashy housewives TV and sleep!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My dad. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Why PR and media? What were the moments that pushed you towards being a creative professional? 

Both my parents were journos. My mum was the social writer which is where I get that from.  My dad worked 7 jobs in media 7 days a week, I went everywhere with him so I grew up in newspapers and I guess that was it for me!

When did your appreciation for PR/media come from? 

Despite its sometimes negative regard, it’s an important tool in educating the public. It’s the oldest form of communication there is.

What’s been the most challenging lesson you’ve learnt?

Sometimes no matter how great you think a story is, for some unknown reason it just sinks.

What’s the best thing/highlights that’s happened to you?

I worked for Sky Racing anchoring 4 of their leading shows, it was great life experience.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone looking to get into PR and media?

Prepare for bulk rejection. Try and not take it personally.  Just keep swimming.

What do you like about working with Uno Momento? 

I love working with Uno Momento because no campaign is ever the same. It’s always quality product and quality clients. The team is always there to support each other as well.